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What is a household water activator

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Each of us was once a child and loved when my mother at nightss telling different stories. Authorship in most cases attributed to people who, thanks to the centuries-old history and traditions creates these literary and folklore creations, reflecting the essence of philosophy ancestors and richness of the inner world of the whole people. In most tales featured such a thing as living and dead water - Jewbones, endowed with special, supernatural powers, able to revive and heal wounds. As you know, in every fairy tale has some truth, because in each plot must be some basis, the idea of ??which must be repelled. Therefore, it can be assumed that the basis of fairy tales and mention the properties of water is quite realSingle story. In fact, modern science has found a logical explanation for this phenomenon. From the point of view of science, granting certain properties of water is called activation. In a domestic environment it can be done with the help of special devices - household activators of water or elektroaktivator. By the way, in the Russian Federation can be purchased at the online store "VideoMiks. "Activator water - a compact electric appliance, which means the effect of electric current on the water (electrolysis), saturate it with positive and negative ions. As a result, a half-hour operation of the device the output is positively ionized solution - anolyte or dead water or negatively ionized solution - catholyteor living water. Ionized water has special properties: in the case of the anolyte - antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and in the case of the catholyte - antioxidant and detoxifying.

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