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How to treat gonoartroz

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Very often with age people are faced with such unpleasant disease as gonoartroz (cartilage wear layerthe knee joint). &Ndash; very long processes with a variety of treatment approaches, buyout requires special attention and diligence. For the treatment needs to include medical therapy, narmeditsinu, physiotherapy, massage and obyazatelno, a set of special exercises. Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis - especially complex exercises that help developjoint to improve its function and status. Doctors do not allow you to perform the exercises, if the client feels pain in the joints during exercise. Not allowed to perform fiznagruzki through force. Between improvement exercises can be performed more often and longer. During zagostreniya disease, all exercises svuzhayutsya to a minimum. All physicalcal load uvelichivayutsya gradually, it is necessary to start from the most simple. Also recommended for slow walking, swimming, massage. All exercises should be done with regularity to improve the result, which can be felt after a couple of sessions. Regular exercise is to build and strengthen muscles, improve blood circulation. Physical activitywill help keep the whole body in shape, improve emotional state in general and mood. A sports complex with osteoarthritis - it's not difficult and accessible exercises that you can perform at home even without everyone who wants to practice a variety of devices, trips to the gym. All that is necessary for employment - a sneaker, easyI sportodezhda mat for fitness, chair or other available means that ponadoblyatsya exercise.

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