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Cancer and its treatment

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Throughout its history, man has constantly faced with different bHandy, some of which represent a significant threat to life and are referred to not only as incurable. Some of the diseases that decimated entire nations of antiquity, such as plague, cholera, smallpox, people have successfully fought in the twentieth century and are now almost no one mentions. But along with them and continue to persist ailments with kotorymi even modern medicine is often powerless. One of these, of course, is cancer. This is a cancer that develops by rapid and uncontrolled division (multiplication) of cells, resulting in a growing malignant cancer that proper attention is growing rapidly and their roots (metastasized) tothroughout the body. This eventually leads to the destruction of vital organs and systems and logical death. Modern medicine can be quite successful fight with cancer in early stages of common surgical-therapeutic methods (operative resection of the tumor, chemotherapy, radiation therapy). By the way, medportale: you mozhet more details read about cancer and methods of their treatment. The main drawback of all the higher these measures is the actual immune suppression and disruption of the kidney and liver. Therefore, physicians constantly, at an experimental level improve and invent new approaches to the treatment of this terrible disease. NaibLee developed by experimental techniques for today is: ultrasound, gene therapy, hyper- and hypothermia techniques, laser therapy, and other nanoterapiya).

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