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What is the bag and what they are

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According to statistics, a large numbert he passes people inpatient treatment, many are in intensive care, urology departments. When it is necessary to take urine for analysis in bedridden patient, or a person urological disease that led to incontinence, there are special device - urinals.

In our time the urinereceivers (the people were called duck) - is very common and frequently used devices that are used only for the collection of urine. Duck is very convenient especially for bedridden patients, since it is not necessary to raise the pelvis, because it is a big problem for people after a major operation or injury to the pelvis.

In oure at the enterprises of medical equipment   urinals are available in different materials (polyethylene, rubber, nylon, nylon and so on. d.). There are urinals with glass. The most convenient-to-use catheters are made of polyethylene. In the trading network can purchase different types of catheters (for men, women and children), Depending on the anatomy of the male and female urinary system. Also there is a type of tacos urinals as stoma - is when during surgery to create an artificial opening between the cavity of the body and the outside world. Market leader urinal is Dacko company Coloplast, which is already more than 50 years, produces high quality contuktsiyu medical supplies. By the way, in Moscow and other catheters Coloplast can be purchased at the online store MEDPULT . RU .

Depending on your destination urinals distinguish such species:

  • Bedside (duck) – used in the care of bedridden patients;
  • Stoma - applied after stomiruyuschih operations;
  • Foot (wearable) –used for patients that lead a normal life but due to circumstances have some problems with mochevypuskaniem;
  • Baby urinals – used in the capture of urine analysis in young children.

Depending on the patient's condition is applied urinalsreusable and disposable. If the patient is in a very bad state of his movements are limited, it is advisable to use the bag reusable polyethylene. As the recovery of the patient in the reduction of its vital functions (starts to walk and take care of themselves), the bag is replaced by a one-off.

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