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What is tsitogeny

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The style and image the lives of our contemporaries is far from perfect and certainlythe more distant from the natural, that is closely associated with nature. Being far away from nature in captivity concrete, vitality person weakens, and added to this the wrong way of life, poor nutrition, constant overload and lack of rest. Such a state of affairs leads to the fact that the body breaks down the natural ballns trace elements, which in its turn has led to the development of disorders in the structure and functioning of organs and body systems. Correct this situation, you can choose the correct diet, rich in vitamins, but it is usually expensive and extensive. A simpler way - the use of biologically active additives (BAA). Contrary to popular belief (mainlyit concerns the dishonest sellers), dietary supplements are not medicine, and are only useful supplement to the main food. That is, a person has the opportunity, without changing fundamentally the basic diet, constantly enrich it with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. New development in this environment is to use as additives peptides active complexes - cytogenetic. This group of six parapharmaceutical preparations (supplements), which are based on cytogenetic - synthesized peptides. They differ from the natural peptides (sequences of which, incidentally, make up proteins), is not a complete set of molecules, and only their most biologically active portion. By the way, to buy mYou can shop online These additives are used as biological controls in the body:

  • Vezugen - controller status and functioning of vessels;
  • Kartalaks - a regulator of metabolic processes in cartilage;
  • Kristagene - a regulator of the immune system;
  • Ovagen - a regulator of the liver;
  • Pinealon - a regulator of brain activity;
  • Honluten - control of respiratory activity and respiratory work.
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