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What is a pediatrician

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The human body is one of the toughest and greatest creations inNature. But even with all its perfection (from the point of view of the evolutionary process), it is highly vulnerable to external factors, disease, injury, various pathologies. Naturally, this is a deviation from the general rules of the status and functioning of the body, and therefore requires adequate attention and response from the medicine. Estetively, in view of the wide variety of body systems, there is a need to diversify professionals, ie medical specialties. The same principle applies to the children's medicine, as a small child - it's not a small copy of an adult, it is an independent body, which is in contrast to the adult being actively developed, and thereforeIT responds to several different factors not as an adult. Therefore, there is a spectrum of diseases that are specific to childhood, and hence there is a need for specialist according to this profile, in other words - in pediatrics. If we draw an analogy with the adult world, then - a kind of analogue of the child therapist,that is, a comprehensive specialist covering their attention almost all areas of pediatric medicine. As a pediatrician - a physician and a man of science (he must constantly improve themselves), then the task facing them, have a different profile:

  • Preventive - system of measures, obstaclesing the emergence of diseases;
  • Clinical - diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures;
  • Research - Development of treatment methods and doctrines;
  • Social - development of systems for the functioning of the healthcare industry.
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