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Typical failure of Chinese phones

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Today's society is so stepped forward in itsm development that in everyday life using the tools and technologies that twenty years ago could be considered the prerogative of science fiction, or at least the military sphere. It is unlikely that in the early nineties, and the two thousandth, someone could have imagined that today people would be so massively use mobile communication devices and itsproviding. Modern mobile phones - this is not just a means of communication, and high-tech miniature device, sometimes having serious enough functional PC. The number of mobile phone manufacturers in the world is large enough. There are also recognized leaders (Apple iPhone, LG, Samsung, HTC, Nokia) and serednyachki (Motorola, Philips, Fly). Recently, quite a widely used mobile phones made in China, which in fact is not surprising, in view of the huge dominance of Chinese products on all fronts. Today we can freely trade network or the Internet to purchase phones Huawei, GigaByte, Magic, Sigma, ZTE, Prestigio, E-Tenand others. Make them attractive low (compared to peers) price, broad functionality, long service life of the battery. Nevertheless, these phones suffer from typical for this type of apparatus "disease", possibly even to a greater extent. By the way, offers a professional service center CyberTech. Typical kitayfonov Unusedequality are:

  • failure of the display (for various reasons);
  • body damage;
  • damage electronic filling (connectors, speakers, contacts, food chains);
  • Software malfunctions with the need to pereproshivki.
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