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Form and classification points

January 17 2015

The human eye is one of the most uniques tools to collect information about the outside world. Statistically, this data amount is 80-90% of the total weight. With such great importance, sight should have a rather complex structure, which means that it can pursue a variety of disorders (as, indeed, any technically complex system). In addition, the eyes, connamb from exposure to many external factors (production, natural) in order to continue their term trouble-free, normal operation. Both in the first and second cases are used for this purpose optical devices, referred to as glasses. Their role, as mentioned above reduces to the protection and correction of the eye, which in turn, causes andx and shape classification. By the way, you can buy quality branded online store « House of Optics ».

By design, almost any glasses consist of two basic components:

  • The lenses that cover the plane in front of the eyes, and perform corrective yland protective functions;
  • The frame, metal or plastic construction designed to lock the lens in position in front of the eyes.

Depending on the design and purpose, all the points are divided into the following types:

  • Corrective glasses or reading glasses. Use the special optical lenses for the correction of deviations (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism);
  • Safety glasses. Group points, the main task is no vision correction, and its protection from the influence of external inputs and natural factors. Thisgroup includes sunglasses, polarized glasses, glasses for protection against mechanical, thermal, chemical, etc. sources;
  • Special glasses. Group points, which, in fact, do not perform two basic functions points mentioned above, and are designed to adapt to the specific conditions of(Eg, 3D glasses) or perform a specific function (eg, smart glasses or Google Glass).
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