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Adnexitis and its effect on reproductive function

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The life of man, like any other living creature, is subject to ODAedelennym laws and basic instincts, chief among which is the instinct of procreation. Based on this number and the steady growth of the population. But as the practice of medicine, about a fifth of all couples can not feel the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. This happens most often due to the development of various diseasesFirst, eventually causing sterility. Moreover, this problem is not a purely male, that is, the inability or the inability to conceive a child, bring the necessary genetic information. Quite often in the area of ??risk fall woman in the body which should produce eggs, place them fertilization and gestationfetus. For various reasons, the woman can also develop infertility, which is not so much the ability to produce eggs, how many opportunities to deliver them to the desired area and contact with sperm. One of the reasons for which the path to the site of fertilization the egg can be significantly utrudnen is inflamedof appendages - uterine (fallopian) tubes, and ovaries. In medicine, the disease is called adnexitis or salpingo. The cause of this disease is a hit on the mucosa of the fallopian tubes and ovaries and then, a variety of microorganisms, infectious agents. Among them, most often encounteredstaph bacteria, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, E. coli, chlamydia and others). In addition to bacterial infections, there are also a number of specific factors and causes that may directly or indirectly influence the development of inflammation in the epididymis. Among them can be uniquely identified such factors as hypothermia, including local, Reduced immunity, constant fatigue and effects of stress, abortion, contraception, disease and pathology can not be directly related to the genitourinary system (the pathogens can get into in the epididymis through the blood and lymph). In the absence of a proper and immediate treatment adneksit becomes chronic, and this is a direct Finnofor the very possibility to conceive and bear a child - that is, there may come. Thus there is a process called adhesions, in which inflammation, as it were, merges into one ovary and fallopian tube. This leads to a natural obstruction to movement of gametes. Moreover, the basic function is gradually broken as ovarianAnd fallopian tubes themselves.

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