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Classification of contact lenses

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According to the material, there are hard and soft contact lenses. For gas-tight rigidm rather long lens adaptation, they do not allow oxygen. Rigid lenses are assigned to the complex forms of refraction that is not corrected soft lenses (astigmatism). They give a clear picture and are more durable, easier to be cleaned. Soft lenses are used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism ate, presbyopia, or to strengthen a radical change in eye color. They are also used for medicinal purposes. They are much more convenient and often of use in the sport. However, they are not effective if a significant change in the cornea. They are not as durable as hard. By the way, to buy contact lenses online, you can maGazin:.

Soft lenses have two types: « traditional » and « planned replacement & raquo ;. Traditionally used for extended wear   and require care and there is a need to stay in for the night. Planned replacement lenses do not require self care and their discarded after removal. It is recommended that frequent replacement lings in order to avoid the accumulation of sediments, which can serve as a scratch the cornea. They are ideal for people who do not use lenses constantly.

All lenses provide access to the cornea of ??oxygen, as well as contact with a tear. To care for these lenses use special solutions, and other cleaning products. By appointmentThere are   optical lenses, cosmetic, therapeutic, fine. Optical   - &Nbsp; for the correction of myopia with astigmatism, farsightedness and presbyopia.

Therapeutic soft lenses used for treatment. Serve as a reservoir for the drug and as a bandage to protect the cornea. Cosmeticallye used to correct birth defects or defects in the eyes, acquired in injury.

Decorative lenses are color tinting and tint. Tint lenses have a slight color to give a natural color of a particular shade.

Colored lenses are used to kardinalnogo change eye color. Classify lenses still in design. It is this kind of as spherical - for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, toric - with astigmatism and multifocal - presbyopia correction.

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