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When you might need a denture

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In modern life the beauty and style of play,often much greater role than their own health. In many ways, this behavior is dictated by the rules and regulations that are constantly covered us with the TV screen. For example, one of the most popular elements of style and at the same time an indicator of the state of your health is the condition of your teeth, or rather, the presence or Otsuhindrance flat, snow-white Hollywood smile. This fashionable pattern, in addition to the practical application of the camera is still and a second side, about which little is mentioned. After you have all your teeth healthy - is a comfortable relationship to food and a way to improve self-esteem. But based on the way of life that leads people missing teeth are notis such a rarity. One or two missing teeth can still be somehow "not notice", but when absent most of the dentition, then do not do without the manufacture and use of removable dentures (because you need something to eat, chew, after all). By design, the prosthesis is an imitation of the lost part of the dentition andpart of the upper or lower palate. By the way, in Kiev you can find on the site dental clinic "Dr.Elisov". In the manufacture of such prostheses is very important to observe the maximum similarity with the previous dentition, form a comfortable, correct bite. It is a mistake, if the prosthesis may eventually get used in the mouth. Fromquences of this neglect may be incorrect load distribution on the teeth that can later lead to the development of inflammatory processes in the roots.

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