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What is osteopathy

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> One of the many methods of traditional medicine is osteopathy, the essence of which concludeprises the right hands osteopath impact on the anatomical structure of the human body. The goal - to free from the functional units, to restore circulation of fluids to optimize the motor of the human condition. Thanks to the special manual reception possible diagnosis and treatment is not a small number of diseases. This is not medikamentoznofirst approach to treatment.

to apply the technique of osteopathy has differences compared to other methods of traditional treatment (manual). The technique is performed only in places physiological barriers providing soft tissue sparing effect, which leads to self-healing, and domestic resource mobilization of humanorganism. Among the features have a special approach to the human body. The advantage of osteopathy - Elimination of the possibility of the initial stages of clinical disorders.

The osteopath can catch the disruption of the body, even in the newborn. After specific impacts hands, the body itself will self-correction. Visit the osteopath includes a number of diagnostic techniques: static and dynamic tests, local, general listening. When changes in the work of one of the systems of the whole body must also detect changes in other systems, because the body are one and everything is interconnected. All systems work harmoniously with each other.

The problem osteopath identified after examining the cause of the manifestation of the disease and to conduct therapeutic effects to help the ailing.

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