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Football simulator for PC and consoles

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. By the number of IslandsTreatment in her professional, amateur, bolelschitsky levels followers, he did the most massive sport in the world. This fact could not be used in the implementation of the game, at the level of virtual entertainment (personal computers, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets). To dateFans of computer games, and along with ardent football fans can evaluate all the charm of your favorite game, playing in. The most popular football simulator modernity are rightly FIFA (the current version - FIFA 15) and Pro Evolution Soccer (current version - PES 15). The first of these is a product of the Canadian game studio Electronic Arts, and the second is the author of the Japanese studio Konami. Each of these games is worthy of attention and has an army of fans who are serious antagonists on the platform basis. Every game has its own charm, its engine, playing techniques and opportunities offered to its users. One mayto argue about what kind of game is better or worse, but the best option is to evaluate yourself and one and the other. Especially because in the last version of the simulator developers to use new engines and technologies, extending over a combination of virtual gaming with the real process. Especially in this regard, FIFA 15 stood out in athis position the engine to use the new Ignite Engine, recycled rostrum, animation all game processes.

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