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Tincture of wax moth - help with teberkuleze

January 22 2015

Humanity at each stage of its development is faced with diseasesWhich have disastrous consequences not only for humans but also for the whole society. One such disease is tuberculosis. This infectious disease is caused by ingestion of mycobacteria such as Koch's bacillus. The incidence of infection is truly impressive, because according to various sources about one third of all onvillages are infected with tuberculosis. The extent of infection and tuberculosis is highly dependent on the level of development of the country, medicine and society. If we analyze the statistics, for example, in Russia the number infected with tuberculosis is ten times higher than in developed countries, but when you consider that the state itself is enoughpays little attention to the prevention of disease, the level of threat at all seems catastrophic. Nevertheless, in the case of early detection and treatment of a complex, this problem is solved. It can effectively solve and using folk remedies. This can help in the most unexpected creatures - wax moth larvae. I should say that Waxmol - two species of butterflies that are wrecking, parasitic way of life in relation to bees. In fact, in any bee farms or near it are found these insects. They lay their droppings on the honeycomb, which then become a source of food for their larvae. This substance contains a tremendous amount ofvitamins and minerals, which are then ingested larvae. Made time to collect larvae not only keeps the hive, but also serves as an excellent material for making alcohol tinctures. By the way, in Ukraine can be in the online store "Apiary". Extract the larvae used in the wax shell tincture destroys bacteria, thereby uniWell them. In addition, the enzymes present in the tincture promotes resorption and healing centers of decay, stimulates cell growth and activity.

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