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Five facts about spondylosis cervical spine

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Spondylosis upper spine – One of the most common problems. It is diagnosed every fifth patient. What is the danger of this disease? And how to prevent it?

The specificity of the disease. Spondylosis upper spine — is a violation of the spine due to the growth of bone osteophytes (outgrowths locatedalong the edges of the vertebrate body). Osteophytes can rapidly increase in size. This leads to a change in the bone tissue.

Zone of risk a. Doctors say that at risk in the first place, are:

- the elderly;

- athletesWhose activity is associated with increased mobility of the neck;

- cashiers, programmers, web designers, call-center operators, whose neck is on for 8-10 hours in a stationary state.

The main instigators spondylosis . It is believed that – this is a consequencethe impact of a whole range of negative factors:

- inflammation in the joints;

- spinal injury;

- osteochondrosis;

- osteoarthritis;

- a violation of posture;

- age-related changes;

- frequent hypothermia.

By excluding from their lives although least 30% of negative factors, you can reduce the risk of spondylosis twice!

Signs spondylosis . At the first sign of spondylosisyou should immediately consult a doctor. You should alert:

- pain in the neck;

- piercing pain when you want to tilt your head to the right or to the left;

- the crunch of the cervical vertebrae;

- dizziness;

- weakness;

- blurred vision;

- tinnitus.

Methods of treatment. The main goal of medical therapy – elimination of symptoms and causes that cause discomfort. The course of treatment is developed taking into account them peculiarities of each individual patient. It can include yourself as physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy treatments, as well as more advanced treatments.

At the first sign of spondylosis always consult your doctor!

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