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How to treat hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids - it is a disease in which in the anal areaChannel formed varicose veins. It can develop independently and in the manifestation of diseases of internal organs. Many people are embarrassed of this disease and retard trip to the doctor. This is not worth doing. Symptoms of hemorrhoids can be a pain and itching, burning, bleeding. On all of these symptoms you should pay attention. Also, do not hanimatsya treatment alone. This often leads to failure and complications. There are several treatments for hemorrhoids. Conservative therapy will not help get rid of the problem completely, but only reduce the frequency of exacerbations. For conservative treatment indications are the initial stages of chronic hemorrhoids, exacerbation of the diseaseI'm in the later stages. It is not necessary to carry out their own without knowing the exact diagnosis, as to the symptoms it may be other serious diseases. Treatment is aimed at the elimination of local inflammation sites, pain, itching, etc. using a variety of creams, ointments and suppositories. By sparing therapies include a variety of physical, chemical,exposure to stop blood flow in the unit: light, radio waves, teplolateksnye rings, sclerosing agents, and so on. n. When using infrared photocoagulation is performed to high temperature on the hemorrhoid. After this treatment eliminates the knot itself in a few days after the procedure. This simple method is not trebuyuschy to take sick leave. Method sclerotherapy - introduction near hemorrhoidal node special drug that blocks the blood flow. 7-10 days after the use of latex rings is rejected node. This method is most common. Sometimes used to treat hemorrhoids radioluchevogo scalpel method, which affects powerfulbubbled radio waves to the site. Sometimes using laser coagulation. Surgical methods prescribed for heavy bleeding, frequent loss of nodes, with good condition of patients. This is a painful treatment, after which relapses are rare.

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