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It is indisputable is the fact that the woman at all times is the standard of beauty. But it also requires her to corre-welcomed to the high status given to it by mankind. In general, the beauty of a woman - a comprehensive term, in which the role played by many factors: the external beauty of the face, hair, hands, bust, waist, and of course the legs. According to some statistics, it is women's feet are the most favorite part of a woman, from the point of view of men.But to walk with bare feet, which attract the attention of men can be in the summer when it's hot enough. But in the rest of the year we have to use any pants or underwear, fully covered his feet. So linens are women who are without a doubt one of the most beloved and popular forms of clothing in the world, nothingnot yielding panties and bra. In fact, their appearance tights owe the appearance of such a fashionable and popular accessories, like a mini skirt. This meant that it was necessary to create such stockings, which would be combined with shorts. Almost all current tights are made of elastic synthetic material (nylon, polyamide,Lycra and so on. n.) that allows you to create   quite thin, clear or tinted structure, perfectly follows the contours of the foot. In addition to purely practical application, tights are often the subject of dress code. Also, tights can be made from other materials (jersey, termovolokon, etc.), and other functionss (heat saving, prevention of varicose veins, and so on. n.).

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