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What are the masks for the face

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Beauty women sung throughout human history, being an object, a symbol, and the desire of every man. TAkim symbol it remains today with the only exception that the modern world of fashion too seriously overestimated the requirements for it. One of the main symbols of feminine beauty is rightly considered her face, because it is for him more often judged on the woman. But the truth is that time is relentless and only a photograph or picture of a woman can vsegyes stay young and beautiful.

Time and our way of life takes youth, namely those trace elements that are responsible for the health and tone the skin tissues. That is why, requires regular care and make-up skin with nutrient mixture most of which are used, the so-called mask. One-quarterof the best in this industry are Israeli-made mask made of mud and salt Mervtogo sea. They contain many useful miniralnoy substances that nourish the skin. The best choice in terms of price / quality is mineral makeup Sare & Beauty Line, which is fraught with all the gifts of the Dead Sea. By the way, purr?sti it can be in the online store:.

In general, experts recommend the use of such tools as a teenager, but then the mask is designed more to prevent manifestations of adolescent changes (irritation, pimples, acne and so on. N.). In later years the skin on a woman's face loses its itsystva and demands attention. All masks contain in their composition substances that perform different tasks, therefore there may be some classification masks as intended:

  • moisturizing mask, designed to restore normal water balance of the skin;
  • nutritious masks are used to restore the energy balance, muscle tone;
  • Lifting Mask (modeling) are used for targeted correction of wrinkles;
  • masks for oily skin are used to establish the sebaceous glands of the skin;
  • evening masks, intended to relieve fatigue and soothe the skin before going to bed.
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