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Damage control pills

January 27 2015

In all advertisements about birth control pills say that it is very near-like, simple and safe, that they do no harm, there a small dose of the hormone, and more. But they think it is. Take at least one of the drugs instructions. There you will find a lot of shocking information in the form of points contraindications and side effects. Before you take the pills need to study the instructions. Manyask a question? If you are taking birth control pills fire, such as Postinor, you run the risk of serious harm to health. These tablets are not recommended to take more than twice a year. It is desirable to refrain from taking such tablets in general. They have a huge dose of hormones. Such tablets violate menstrual cycle that can lead to lengthterm treatment. Hormonal preparations which contain only progestogen may cause blood clots, reduce vascular tone, blood flow slows. Hormones in the pills are steroids. They can lead to stagnation of bile, jaundice and other liver diseases. Hormonal tablets leads to disruption of lipid metabolism, increaselipids, deposition of calcium in the blood vessels that can lead to heart attack or stroke. There is an accumulation of fluid in the tissues, which leads to weight gain. There may be cases of infertility. There is the risk of the abuse of such heavy Tablets as Postinor and the like. Infertility is not threatened if you take the mini-pill or combinings contraceptives.

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