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Methods for cleaning teeth

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In order to prevent oral diseases using a variety of methods of prevention and care. ThOba teeth and gums are healthy, you need to pay attention to oral hygiene do not forget to do regular cleaning of the teeth, mucosa, tongue and gums, dental floss, and use dental floss, rinse special fluids. For more details on purely teeth RFCs. Not subject to the complex and necessary to comply with the rules of care, the risk of slaughteringeases considerably reduced, as this will prevent the formation of bacteria.

Bacterial plaque is the primary cause of gum disease, the development of cavities. It is necessary to pay special attention to the chewing surfaces, interdental spaces, the gingival sulcus. The teeth are cleaned not less than 2 times per day.Brushing teeth should be morning and before bedtime. After the meal each time you want to remove food debris. Toothbrush should be washed before use. We should not forget about cleaning the tongue. There are several methods for cleaning teeth and oral cavity. Leonard method helps to avoid damage to the gums. Bass method cleans the cervical area molyarov. FONES method is applied in the absence of   periodontal disease.

Also, there are several methods: Method Reiten, method of Smith-Bell, Stillman method, Method Charter, as well as standard method for cleaning teeth GN Pakhomov. Not least from an early age to teach children to brush their teeth. Probability ZabOlevanov oral cavity in children is reduced with proper care and caring parents. Recommendation brush your teeth once a day for 2 minutes.

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