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German bicycle brand Cube

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In a person's life are replaced one by one the stages of development of a civilization, whichhav spasmodic character. Each new stage occurs when humanity invents some completely new, innovative technology radically changes and simplifies common operations. One of the most significant discoveries in human life, completely changed his life and predetermine further development of whole civilizationstion, is the invention of the wheel. Today, the wheel is one of the key elements of the design of any vehicle, in particular, this means active pastime, like a bicycle. Modern bikes have long crossed the face of a simple vehicle, significantly adding to the form factor and scope. One ofleading producers of bicycles is the German production company Pending System, known for the production of bicycles under the brand Cube. The company produces models of different price categories, from children's bicycles to professional racing bike. By the way, in Russia range from 6.000 -100.000 rub. The company, on thetlichaetsya special attitude to work, for that matter, any German manufacturer. High quality of the bike is kept constant, gradual control over the production, as well as the presence of its own test-testing facilities, departments, product development, own professional cycling team. The range of productsand the company includes about eight product groups: from children's, women's, urban types of bicycles, to specialized mountain bike hardtail or type dvuhpodves and electric bike.

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