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What is pancreatitis and what are its symptoms

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The human body is a fairlycomplex symbiosis of organs and systems, each of which performs a specific function. With such a complex set of systems, their work must be monitored and controlled. If the work of all organs directs the brain, it regulates their activity system of glands that produce the enzymes necessary for the implementation of regulatory functionss.

One of these glands is the pancreas. She is one of the main regulators in the digestive system, taking a direct part in the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Gland secretes into the bloodstream special enzymes (insulin, glucagon) that regulate energy (carbohydrate) metabolism in thebody. Production of hormones in the gland occurs at clusters of tissue called pancreatic islets.

Therefore, any disease that leads to the development of the inflammatory process in these areas, called pancreatitis. The main feature is the direction of pancreatitis release hormones in the normalstate of enzymes released into the blood and the duodenum, while the affected islands inflammation activates enzymes directly into the prostate. As a result, the process of "self-digestion" gland infection and toxins organs and systems.

have a characteristic zonal and inflammatory manifestations:

  • First, pancreatitis accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen (epigastric), smack in the back (so-called girdle pain);
  • Second, pancreatitis characterized by symptoms characteristic of common inflammatory processes: intoxication, fever, nausea, lack ofappetite);
  • Third, the chair person of the patient pancreatitis has mushy consistency with pronounced undigested particles.
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