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TV project "Povernt Meni beauty

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The modern man is a victim of its same leveldevelopment and personally created patterns and prejudices. In their list of one of the leaders, I think, on the right is a beauty. Despite the fact that beauty - it's basically a complex concept that includes both the appearance and make-up and hairstyle and wardrobe, the main role is played here by the natural beauty of the face. Especially women, towhich estesvenno beauty of the face - is not just empty words or complex marafet. Person - that's the first thing that attracts men to women and from what will that person will depend on the chances of social adaptation, understanding on the part of people. In fact - it's kind of like the first and the main door to the understanding and perception of women in society. Thus,in our country, which is especially appreciated the beauty of a woman's face, many women can not boast similar and it is not in some genetic features, make it visually not very appealing. Such women are particularly difficult to find yourself in a society such as ours, which means they need skilled care professionals in the field of medicalitsiny, psychology, style, and so on. n. Watch the real reincarnation of women into princesses, and the decision of their cherished dreams of beauty, can be quite soon on channel "1 + 1" TV project « Povernt Meni beauty & raquo ;. Details of Projects can be read here:. This is the story of how really crippled the fate of life restored, nabirayutsya confidence and strength. Gives them all a team of professional, consisting, including from the plastic surgeon and a psychologist.

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