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That can affect a woman's ability to conceive

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Do you want to have a big family. Already haveone kid, and you want to have a second. Most women think that they can easily become pregnant, and so they have a slight shock comes from the fact that just does not work. A   because scientists have proved that the inability to conceive is not only those who have never given birth, and about 11% and couples can not conceive, already having one child. What ifrank this pathology will tell you this. It turns out there are a lot of factors: physical, psychological, change of lifestyle after the birth of their first child. Let's understand the basic:

  1. This is the woman's age. It is believed that the best age to get pregnant around the mid 20's to early 30's, homom   to 35 years becomes more difficult, especially after the age of 40.A in   45, the chance of getting pregnant around   6% per cycle;
  2. Married couples long hoped that everything would be fine, but when asked for help, it turned out that while hopelessly lost;
  3. The presence of bad habits in women appeared after the birth of their first baby;
  4. If you are overweight is a also can prevent you from getting pregnant for the second time;
  5. Poor nutrition is also a reason for inability to conceive a second time;
  6. ProdOlzhay breastfeeding the first baby;
  7. women's health (diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis and so on. D.);
  8. The hormonal malfunction in the body;
  9. The diseases associated with women's bodies (blockage of the fallopian tubes, fibroids, anovulation, endometrioz);
  10. Inflammation of the pelvis;
  11. The problem with men.

As you can see there are many problems, but if you're determined to have a second child, that all this can be overcome, the main thing is not to despair, to be optimistic, firmly believe in all that is good, keep rightlifestyle, follow the doctor's advice and soon your family will be updating.

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