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How to fix a bite in children

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The world of modern humans consists of a whole range of differ-month old clich?s, prejudices and other ways to stand out from the crowd. One of these is considered to be "snow-white Hollywood smile" that shines on us from our television screens almost daily. It is extremely important not only white teeth, but their correct shape and position, ie the absence of bite. After all, even themost white teeth instantly lose their effect in the visible curvature of the dentition. Meanwhile, this problem occurs even in very early childhood, when a child is a change of milk teeth at the root. If the time to notice the risk of developing this disease, it can parry pass rapidly and almost imperceptible to humans. ToRecommend this visit is responsible for this area, a doctor orthodontist when the child was not yet five years old. But based on the nature of man, it's just like a rule in practice is not adhered to, which naturally leads to the need of orthodontic planned. Ways to solve this problem, there are severalAnd the choice depends on each particular age of the child and the complete clinical picture in the mouth. For example, the early use of plates possible to prevent loosening of the teeth tongue or flexible design, eliminating excessive pressure on the teeth of the cheek. After the age of 10 years, it is advisable to use braces - interconnected soboFirst braces. After 14 years, the use of so-called aligners (removable aligners).

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