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Food delivery from the "House Tastier"

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In the life of any human being, like any other living creature, food, food andgraete a major role, being the source of most of the body needs nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.). But the main difference is its high human socio-psychological and physiological organization, so that it simply can not afford to eat raw, not processed foods. In other wordss, each of us uses prepared in compliance with certain standards and knowledge of food. Of course, everyone loves the taste of home-cooked with a special love and location of food, but not everyone (this applies to both men, which is quite natural, and women, which is very strange) knows how to cook delicious, and especially Liucook bit.

In today's world, when a person's life is in very dynamic flow and time for anything else but work is almost no question prepare delicious, fresh and nutritious food can kak imperceptibly not leave it to the second, and perhaps a third plan. This natureNGOs can not affect the state of the body. In a situation where there is no way to objectively devote sufficient time and attention to cooking, and want to eat unequivocally, one of the possible ways out of this situation is to use the service through the service

Unlike onsteel of similar services, providing delivery of prepared food, our service gives you the ability to make a weekly menu, which will include dishes prepared by your own or favorite recipe. This happens roughly as follows:

  • visit our online customersite where is my weekly menu of the foods and dishes that are present in our general price list. In this case, you can select products for cooking, you think is necessary;
  • order processing and procurement necessary for cooking;
  • GRAINTCA and preparing the food basket to cook a main dish;
  • packing cooked ingredients in vacuum packaging;
  • sending and delivery of ingredients at a specified time and place.

So you're getting ready ingredientsand spend on cooking a favorite dish of some 20-30 minutes, it is not wasting time to prepare the ingredients.

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