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What is the modern dentistry

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Dentistry studying the pathogenesis and etiology of diseases that damage the memoryCWA of the oral cavity, working with a variety of methods of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Many scares this area of ??clinical medicine and causes unpleasant emotions, as it is very specific in nature. The task of a dentist not only treat, but also to teach understanding and great responsibility belongs to the rearHur teeth, mouth.

After losing a tooth, you lose it forever forever. No implants will not replace the native tooth, perfectly fulfilling the function of the native tooth, and needs constant care. The results of treatment can affect a whole throughout the body. Therefore, be very careful about choosing a dentist andclinic. Make the right choice of dental treatment will be effective and the result will be a long time. The success of the clinic can check the reviews of patients, friends or acquaintances. A good choice dentist - this partnership, kindness and understanding. If you have the slightest doubt, it is necessary to look for another clinic and dentist.

Modern associated with many branches of medicine that helps to solve many problems for the treatment of diseases of the maxillofacial sphere. This is prevention, treatment of teeth and the mucous membrane, which includes the solution of such problems as everyone knows caries, periodontitis, prodondit, pulp, various diseases of the mucosa, as well as various meltingasticheskie methods with surgery, removal of defects, maxillofacial prosthetics, and much more.

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