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What is prosthetics

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Dentures - a complete restoration of a fullyyu or partially lost teeth. Now this technology is very common and is constantly being improved, achieving unique goals and results. With the help of computers in modern practice of prosthetics are made almost all the stages of diagnosis, and to manufacture substitute structures themselves (prostheses). The major innovation in dentistrycal orthopedic practice is to use three-dimensional CAD / CAM software products that allow you to create designs orthopedic reducing by three-dimensional computer models. At a special high-precision milling machine, CNC sawing model comes from a good denture ceramics. Thanks to modern technology,in one session at the dentist can be an orthopedic prosthesis several teeth.

is a separate part of dentistry that has its own characteristics, performance techniques and methods of manufacturing prostheses. The most commonly used types of prosthetic restoration of the dentition is the bridge andthe plate. Bridge consists of several (usually three) artificial dental crowns, which are fixed to the adjacent teeth or roots. For this type of prosthesis may also include "adhesive bridge", which serves as a temporary aesthetic effect on the threshold of major orthopedic manipulation. Principally fromdiffer from the bridge laminar prostheses. Laminar prostheses in dental practice is also called Lumineers. In its form, Lumineers are braces, top of the tooth. They protect it from external influences. Laminar Lumineers are made from acrylic or nylon mass. By design, they wouldvayut fully or partially removable This is one of the most gentle, malotravmaticheskih ways to restore teeth. This type of prosthesis is used to create a more particular aesthetic effect and is applicable in cases where the tooth is restored is lost. A very important role in this difficult and responsible practice dependsskillful work of a dentist who will do everything to make your smile perfectly beautiful.

According to the materials: Dental Clinic implantology and maxillofacial surgery Dr. Bohdama

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