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Alcoholism and methods of treatment of

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Alcoholism is a very common disease of our time, even though many peoplebelieve that it is - a bad habit to get rid from which you can easily and quickly, but not so simple. Before treatment, the person should carry out a detailed analysis and understand why he started drinking alcohol,   because it is a disease that is developing rapidly, affecting not only the internal organs, but also   affect its mental state. In today's Addiction alcohol dependence is called the biopsychosocial disease that affects the soul, mind and body.

Statistics on deaths from alcohol every year increases, so treatment should begin immediately.
In the history we know that the fight against alcoholism was carried out for a long time, this ASIClzovali different systems to prohibit   produce and sell alcohol, but it did not help, began to flourish as smuggling of alcohol and surrogates. &Nbsp;

As we know alcoholism — it is a disease and therefore it should be treated. The main treatment methods:

  1. Censibiliziruyuschaya Therapy – this radical treatment. In the patient's body is sewn ampoule, which provokes a complete intolerance of alcohol;
  2. Psychic Therapy – Working with a therapist. The therapist holds discussions with the aim to distract from alcohol,   find a hobby and poprobovabe be useful;
  3. Hypnotic Therapy – the use of hypnosis to induce the patient aversion to alcohol.

Nowadays it is very popular, especially among the youth, was the use of soft drinks and beer, but we have shown that in this case, alcoholicsOrdering disease develops much faster and much more difficult to be treated.
The World Health Organisation has adopted « Global Strategy to reduce alcohol abuse & raquo ;, that provides     reduction in alcohol advertising, point of sale restrictions, price increases due to taxes.

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