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Everything about chemical peeling

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In order to make your skin always looked young and attractiveflax, we recommend using a modern and effective method for its purification – peeling. This procedure is the coating of the upper layer of the epidermis various types of cosmetic preparations which are based on the action of acids. Face after a chemical peel is transformed, the skin becomes smooth and matte, improvingthe color of the skin and its elasticity.

Where better to spend peeling?

  Acids in small concentrations completely harmless and, as you can see, even indicated for use in cosmetic procedures. The intensity of their penetration into the layers of the skin is determined by percentage of actingtheir agents caregiver means. You may like a little clear skin and penetrate into its deepest layers, giving impetus to the renewal and regeneration. Do better in a professional salon, where an experienced beautician will be able to choose the structure that will match your skin type and its individual characteristics. However, if the opportunities of ati no, then you may use the peels for home use.

How do chemical peels at home?

  In this section we look at the most popular type of peel – glycol. The basis of this type of peeling fruit acids, the concentration of which wasyaet 25%. Cleansing with it is suitable for all skin types. That's about the sequence of all the procedures carried out during the application of funds.


clean skin thoroughly with water and gel for washing or use tonic that corresponds to yourskin type. Then, to dry face imposed on the selected area of ??the gel with fruit acids. Application can be done with a brush, sponge or special just your hands. Gently massaging the treated area of ??the face and neck, while carefully avoid the area around the eyes. If the skin of the lips is unsatisfactory STATUSs, there is a crack in it and its weathered surface, you can also treat it with gel. Try to leave the gel on the skin for no longer than is recommended by the manufacturer. After the need to thoroughly wash off the mask with cool water. All your skin is now cleared from the surface dirt and flakes of dead epidermis and moisten it. For thisuse of a mask with papaya.

Find and exfoliation, mask and after it you can on the pages of online stores that offer a professional to take care cosmetics, for example,
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