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Wooden bed mattress for

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Dream of life plays a much greater role than he can imagine. This universal recovery mechanism created by Mother Nature, allowing fully compensate spent the day vitality. Unfortunately most people do not realize the actual physiology of sleep, and the conditions on which it depends for its quality.

Really quality sleep depends primarily on whether theOh, what a person is asleep. Bed of different configurations and with different properties, in very different ways ensures the position of the body, or rather the spine during sleep. The fact that the spine plays the role of a collector and neural signals and their associated nerve endings with all cells and organs. Therefore, the more correct positiontakes the spine, the more it relaxes the nerves and relieves their overall tone.

To ensure optimal conditions for data quality can only bed, bed or rather in conjunction with orthopedic mattress. Each of these elements is important and alone can not cope with the main task.

The objective is to create a mattress optimal three-dimensional plane, which would be repeated outlines of the body during sleep, so as to ensure the correct position. But in order to mattress fulfill its direct functions, it needs a solid foundation, preferably in the form of wood bed with lamella support system. SelOR tree is logical enough, since it is hypoallergenic, is quite stable and durable in comparison with chipboard. By the way, can be purchased at the online store

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