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How to stay motivated when you do not get the rise of

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This is - time for your annual debate, and you hope for a raise. You log on tostretch with his boss, armed with a list of reasons why you deserve a salary increase and improve — including additional responsibilities that you have, as a senior colleague left the company, the main project you headed in the last month, and consistent positive feedback you have received from their customers,colleagues, managers and direct reports over the past year. But you get a waiver request and wait and work on the same terms. Asking for salary increase, promotion or other   privilege (as an extra week of paid vacation, for example) can be of great courage, so when your request leave, may look like a hit « below the belt ».

While you estimate your next step — search for a new position or a position, make a plan to develop new skills that you need, it is important to maintain your motivation and strive forward in the same impatient and even more than you did before.

has a few tips to keep your motivation.

sympathy and get details

First, try to understand the external factors that put pressure on your boss. If you did not get a clear cause of   the refusal,   ask a direct question such as, “ What contributes to your decision? ” During a call — You will learn much more about the situation.

Pre-developed and brainstorm creative alternatives

The second part of sympathy sees the situation through the point of view of your manager and come up with alternativesYou, on the   he or she may be more in agreement. Describe your idea of ??development in the near future, discuss possible changes in strategy planning.

Be memorable

In the future, armed with knowledge about why your request was denied and show that you understand and withfeel the manner of his boss, direct their actions to ensure that be compulsory, unforgettable member of the team. If you do valuable work, which would not have been possible without you, your leadership is much more likely to fulfill your future needs.

Looking for support

Who is the best time to enlist the support of a mentor. Not only is the help of a mentor can encourage and inspire you, but he or she may also be able to offer you a different perspective on the reasons that your request is denied — because some point, he or she must have been in the same position.

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