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Food able to fight cancer

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In the world unfolded Hardenoutput at constant struggle with cancer. Those who care about their health, seek to reduce such risks in advance, and not fight with them, as they say, in fact. Proper nutrition and his regime largely allow your family to make life happier, like childbirth in America. There is a list of foods that have anti-cancer vozdeystWier. Of course, many of them we just use daily, such as cabbage, fish, fruit and a green tea. But what foods should pay special attention, and what useful anti-cancer substances they contain?

Perhaps the most useful in dealing with various kinds of nuts oncology. So with hazelnutskeeps paclitaxel, which helps the body at the cellular level to deal with the violation of mitotic functions. Walnuts have substance cholesterol, it blocks estrogen receptors in cancer cells, fighting breast cancer and prostate cancer. Almonds contain leatril killing malignant cells. In addition to the nut family can help in preventiont have fruits and vegetables in a bright color. So red tomatoes, beets, pumpkin and apricots, persimmons, raspberries, cranberries are rich in vitamin A and lycopene, prepyatsviya spread even aggressive forms of cancer. Lutein, lycopene, phytoene, canthaxanthin contained in bright product stimulates the immune system at the cellular level to combatdisease.

Bio soybeans instead GMF contains isoflavones that block cancer cell sprouting of estrogen and testosterone. It is best to replace the standard dairy soy milk, yogurt, tofu, and eat soybeans. Their structure also includes phytoestrogens reduce activnost malignant cells. In the fight against cancer soy reduces the toxic effects of radiation. Seafood such as fish and algae in addition to the beneficial agent contain omega3 and selenium. It stimulates the activity of immune cells and especially NK. Many of selenium found in fresh herbs (onion, parsley), garlic, wheat germ. OncologicGuy proved that even in breast milk twice more selenium than cow, newborn boys than girls die because of the lack of this element and vitamin E. That is why planning birth in Miami to ensure the welfare of your child, take care and about his health. In addition, all of these products is largely odbstvuyut development of brain function, tissue growth and purification of the body, if you do not forget about the proper handling of products and their most effective combination.

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