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The modern world has become much more open than the letwenty or thirty tons ago. Especially in countries of the former USSR, which were actually isolated from the outside world the Iron Curtain. This concerns not only the possibility of free movement, but also the cooperation between foreign companies (what can I say, even if in the USSR is no such thing as a private enterprise not touschestvovalo). Today, anyone is free to enter into partnerships, business relationships with companies from different countries, but of particular interest is the Chinese market. Firstly, this is probably the largest market in the world in the number of producers and products. Secondly, it has enough low wages, making ituschestvenno save on the final cost of the product.


between potential customers and goods from China have gone in 1000 and km. This nropast allows you to create a new business. However, there is a number of difficulties: the language barrier, differences in currency and doing business, and so on. D. To overcome them to find a competent mediator, is ready to ensure delivery of goods from China. But before embarking on such a business need to know some of the features. The first - the choice of supplier. Toto pay attention to the reviews, ratings and website provider. Need to study the contact details. If this information is published openly - it's a great sign. Stands by correspondence with a potential partner to carry out its preliminary assessment. Next you need to choose the delivery method. Next you need to order a trial batch. Particular attention should be oudpour the form and method of payment. By the way, on the site: you can find perspektyvnye ideas for the organization of business with China. Any entrepreneur who wants to enter this market and build a personal or joint business should remember six simple rules that will help to get around underwater kaimaginary and to achieve the desired success:

  • must be borne in mind that the Chinese have a much older tradition than we, and they, in turn, strongly influence on business principles;
  • communication with the Chinese is best done through an intermediary, who pitchediraetsya the intricacies of language and mentality;
  • search for potential partners is best carried out at various exhibitions;
  • it is necessary to take into account regional peculiarities of people and their approach to life and business management;
  • necessarily requiredto consider the possible risks and additional costs;
  • all cases it is best to keep in place, it is easier to control the whole process.
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