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What is eye fatigue and how is it treated

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Have a beautiful and healthy eyes - this is the dream of every personovek. Human eyes on a daily basis come under strong negative impact of the environment. Negative factors include:

  • chronic lack of sleep;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • great time spent at computer-controlled;
  • dust and smog (and more generally, on the whole poor environment).

In this big problem, help eye drops. Use the drops need to constantly, because stable result gives at least a three-month course. Eye drops removed fatigue and redness, eliminate symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis.

Main indicators of eye fatigue - is:

  1. Redness;
  2. The feeling of dryness;
  3. The bursting of blood vessels.

The most effective treatment - is fortified and for the prevention of gLazne diseases. They are suitable with myopia and hyperopia with. The following are considered the most effective eye drops:.

  • Riboflavin (used   for medicinal purposes, from redness, fatigue);
  • artificial tears (relieve fatigue and dryness). Usedyayutsya 10 drops a day for about 25 days. If not doderzhivatsya etikapli instructions can cause allergies;
  • Vizin (eliminates burning, tearing, redness). This is a drug that is used to drop 2 times a day for about five dney.Soderzhit active agent tetryzoline;
  • Sisteyn (of new generation, eliminates dryness, discomfort, with negative mucosa). They comprise a gel texture, it gives the eye protective film. They can dribble only once and only in the morning. It has no side effects.

Using drop from fatigue,   you areMogan restore clarity and get rid of the redness.

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