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Rheumatoid arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis is a common disease.Characterized by inflammation of the joints. The main feature is that, if struck by the left hand, the right suffers too. Function in a joint violated. Movement painful. There is swelling, redness, skin hot. Overall condition is also deteriorating. Headaches, weakness, apathy. Each different manifestations. But all patients due to settlementtoyannoy become irritable pain and nervousness. They vary in nature. Therefore, treatment should begin as soon as possible. The program is individual. Helps many such drug is.

Treatment and Diagnosis

The causes of rheumatoid arthritis is unknown. Diagnosis exhibitionie after inspection (deformation, seal), the necessary analyzes (KLA, biochemistry) and X-ray mandatory.

    Predisposing factors of development:
  • diseases that are caused by viruses (vaccination against viral diseases);
  • stressful condition;
  • presencehistory of relatives who have had (have) rheumatoid arthritis.

The treatment of the disease for a long period. Usually complex. Preparations are selected individually. Often prescribe this drug is. To treatment programs begin as soon as a diagnosis. Up determine blood diseaseon the CCPA.

Power must be complete. Load during reduce inflammation. Once, when the state will improve, you need physical therapy. Exercise will help to develop a limb and return to normal life.

It is very important for the support of loved ones. They should be patientI. After the patients due to the fact that the ever experience pain, it is on changing behavior. There is anger and aggression. It is necessary to offer assistance. Often the patient during an attack is limited in his movements. And peace will bring tangible relief.

Even in the interictal period should monitor their condition. Excludedchit negative emotions. Wear comfortable shoes. Strengthen the immune system. Not supercool the body.

Self unacceptable. Deformed joints without proper treatment will be destroyed. This will lead to disability. Immediately consult a specialist. Early treatment will help keep your nerves and health.

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