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Online game "Avatar"

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The development of digital technologies and means of communication has led to the fact that today, in fact, nounETS parallel, virtual world in which the majority of our usual actions (dating, shopping, searching for information, and so on. n.). Naturally, such a globalism and the broadest hardware features could not ignore such a part of the human being, as a game. Such habitual activity for children, promoting common development,is widely used and in adult life, as a means of distraction from the monotonous activity.

The development of the Internet has presented an opportunity to move the gameplay in a slightly different plane (online), allows you to play anywhere, using any gadget and not be tethered to your PC and you want to installsoftware.

One example of such an organization is the online gameplay game. Its main feature is the simulation of the real world by creating your own character and organization of his life in all aspects (from food, clothing, and to the choice of friends and relations organization). This St.oego kind of tool for creating an alternate reality stories, a world in which everything will be just as you want to the user (see, each sometimes I would like to change something in your life, but the problem is that from us is not so much depends ). Here you can find friends, work, relax, walk, visit restaurants and cafes, in general,all that we do in real life, and it is natural for the money. It operates a similar principle, but virtual money you get for your correct answers in school Avatar.

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