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Symptoms of mercury poisoning

, 20:23
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Mercury - is harmful and toxic metal having silver-white color. It is easily movable and impact is divided into MalenyKie balls. It is available for many as it is widely used in various devices, thermometers, mercury lamps, some paints, batteries and may even do not care to get into the house after use in some industries. A fluorescent lamp can contain from 1 to 70 mg of mercury. Thermometers, mercury lamps may contain ca.izitelno 2 grams of mercury.

When you hit mercury breaks into small droplets scattered across the room, while easily penetrating into the cracks of any surfaces. It evaporates gradually poisoning the air. Pair it very dangerous and toxic. They tend to accumulate in the body, causing headaches, nausea and irritantsnost. Mercury has no smell. It also evaporates in the cold, but not as fast as at room temperature. In the body, it damages the nervous system, internal organy.Poetomu if you have at home crashed mercury containing device, you need to collect all the mercury and hold, so there was no subsequent mercury poisoning.

PSigns of mercury poisoning does not appear immediately, that is dangerous, as there is no possibility of timely medical care. Signs of poisoning with this metal is a weakness, headache, metallic taste in the mouth, salivation, nausea, bleeding gums, diarrhea, vomiting.

If it happened thatsmall amount of mercury spilled, no need to panic, you need to take precautions. It is necessary to withdraw all of the premises open windows but doors closed. Respiratory should cover at least a bandage. Mercury is going to wear rubber gloves. Large droplets are collected on a piece of paper, small with adhesive tape in a jar. Onsurface and the things that come into contact with the mercury must be treated with a strong solution of iodine or potassium permanganate.

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