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Who is a veterinarian

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Profession vet is very popular nowadays, so toak not only require the help of people, but also animals. Veterinarian treats and advises on any question and disease. They treat animals vaccinated them, make it operation.

Specialty veterinarian is divided into two categories:

1. Treatment of pets;
2. Treatment of large animals.

For the small patients are dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, hamsters, etc. It includes a large horse and livestock.

Doctor animals Self employed or in a veterinary clinic. His work includes bypassing the animals every day, if it is assigned to a certain farm, andthen, if necessary, treats after the search. Their work is very heavy, as may be necessary to help at any time. In his work uses a variety of tools and materials, thermometers, syringes, stethoscopes.

is used to diagnose the endoscope and ultrasound. Each veterinarian must haves computer, so that you can find a variety of information about your animals as well as to have their own car to travel to any challenges. The most important thing in this profession - a love for animals. Good to know biology, zoology, various factors that affect the body and animal health.

The main task veterinNara is the correct definition of the disease and its treatment. Be brave, sociable, to think logically, to be always ready to perform the dirty work and Met to all this wellness – Here weekdays veterinarian.

Before you choose for themselves a profession, you need to think twice. And who extennee sense dictates that he can do the job - then good luck.

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