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Self-treatment of gonorrhea

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Gonorrhea - an infectious disease that affects the genitourinary organs. In a national, gonorrhea called "clap". This disease carriesXia to sexually transmitted diseases. Symptoms are pain in the abdomen, the release of blood, yellow discharge from the vagina. The incubation period for women - about 10 days. In the majority of cases are asymptomatic. In men, symptoms can be determined during urination: urine is cloudy, too, can be blood. This diagnosis can be found in home netwthese conditions, to help first bit in one glass, and the rest in another glass. If the urine in the first beaker is not bright and clear in the second, the result is disappointing - you're sick.

Treatment of gonorrhea at home is due to taking medication for 7 days. Most often take bitsillin vnutrimyshechno, tablets trihopol, solvent Novocain. With this course, you can not drink alcohol. For more details on how to read the urological portal:

Some folk remedies to combat the disease:

  1. Garlic mix with nuts and put in a water bath nand 20 minutes. Add one kilogram of honey and a little dill. Apply a spoonful three times a day. It has anti-inflammatory agent;
  2. The means of parsley: this dried herbs fill one liter of boiling water and drink it all in one day;
  3. A decoction of chamomile and field ivy. Equal UnitsETS daisies and ivy pour three cups of boiling water and take throughout the day;
  4. A decoction of juniper. The addition of dandelion roots, birch leaves. Must be mixed with a glass of boiling water and ingest a teaspoon three times.

But if these concoctions do not get the resultstata positive then you should consult a doctor, venereal diseases.

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