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How to organize the work of nurses to care for patients at home

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Before the relatives of people who find themselves in a situation where required constantth care assistance, the challenge is to find a nurse and arrange care. How to determine what qualifications you need a specialist – an experienced nurse or an ordinary person to help with domestic issues and looking after the sick. If not worth burning question in price, definitely better to invite a professional specialist medical formediem and relevant work experience. medical education can determine the patient's condition by outward signs and provide first aid in case of need, as well as be able to perform all medical manipulations intended physician. In other cases, you can invite a specialist without a corresponding education.Then the functions will be nurses in patient care (hygiene, cooking, feeding, adherence), as well as patient care area and personal belongings. Important feature is not the official moral support patient communication. Often, it is the most effective method of treatment and effective recovery. Accordingly,personal qualities of a nurse, a rather important point in choosing a candidate. On the question of the choice of a nurse should be taken very seriously, depends on the effectiveness of the cooperation process and the treatment of a loved one.

When the choice is made and the candidate is invited to the workplace, it is important that family, takingChiyah responsibility for the invitation and were ready for a dialogue with the expert, clearly expressing requirements to work by offering a format of interaction and taking over the function of the organization of all necessary questions. That family must determine the mode of the day, nutrition, treatment regimen, maintenance requirements and solving everyday problems. Moreover, should not native habyvat of control functions that will motivate employees to strictly adhere to the agreements and duties assigned to him. It should also agree on the form of reporting on the state of health of the patient and the financial statements. However, the best way is to control the partial participation in the process, contact with the treating defended their doctoralrum, regular contact with a sick relative.

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