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Pancreatitis. The clinical picture, symptoms, prevention

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100 years ago is disease such as pancreatitisso it was thought, if not bizarre, it is quite rare, and now, alas, it is routine. According to statistics, the number of people with similar disease of the pancreas (RV) is comparable with the number of people who have problems with appendicitis - so familiar and common ailment.

Another not the best news - disease pomolodela. However, it is common to many problems, and are no exception. If earlier at risk were people older than 50 years, but now at risk age group of 35 years.

Also, complications and symptoms of the disease become more severe. &Nbsp; Why is this happening and the situation is deteriorating? &Nbsp; The reasons for theI did a few:

  • The deterioration of the ecological situation that weakens the body;
  • Stress;
  • lack of sleep, the wrong mode of the day;
  • diseases of other organs;
  • Alcohol abuse (especially low-quality substitutes).

By the way, yesas if to consume high-quality alcohol, for example, home-made wine without the addition of dyes, flavor enhancers, etc., it is also adversely impact on the pancreas. So, in the 18th century doctors of that time were described occurrences of pancreatitis from abuse of wine.

Today revealed the mechanismthe disease - clogged ducts of the pancreas protein mass, forming a plug. Place traffic congestion becomes inflamed and let the natural outflow of secretions, and then formed a cyst. Neoplasms very painful torment and deliver strong man. The clinical picture of alcoholic pancreatitis is the hardest - tend to occur onslozhneniya that can even lead to death.

The pancreas and other organs

In our body, everything is interconnected, especially related organs such as the pancreas, stomach, liver, bile duct, duodenum. And as soon as the RVfails, it affects other organs. Accordingly, the weakening of their activities also negatively affects the pancreas.

Another reason for the abuse of alcohol is cholelithiasis. It is characterized by mostly elderly women. Often occurs on the background of metabolic problems, sadiabetes mellitus, thyroid gland. Therefore, it is important in the treatment of comprehensive approach, taking not only drugs, but also to undergo a full medical examination, diet change, monitor the weight of the body - to move more, to abandon a sedentary lifestyle.

Symptoms of the disease

The symptoms may be quite a few, and they are all painful. The most common - pain in the stomach, which is given in the lower back region of the ribs on the right and on the left side. It passes waves through the body, and can be given to the heart, so often mistaken for angina illness, etc. If you change the position of the body, the severity of attacks IUnyaetsya. Worst of all, if you lie on your back, and if you sit down and tilt your body forward slightly, then blunted attacks.

Another symptom - problem with a chair. Chance of diarrhea, and the mushy stools, sometimes with mucus and fat shine (due to violation of production of enzymes). Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied by nausea, vomitingoh, unpleasant belching, flatulence.


Doctors are unanimous - it is first necessary to change the diet, eliminating sharp, fatty foods, smoked. It is necessary to give up alcohol and smoking (cigarette smoke is also a cause of pancreatitis). Unfortunately, the setGia people significantly increase the risk, while consuming alcoholic beverages, eating and smoking in bold.

It is important to be screened regularly and check the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It is necessary to neutralize the sources of stress and sleep (sleep at least 8 hours), and at night not to consume food in large quantities.

The problem of the treatment of pancreatitis complicated by the fact that, in many cases, people do not go to doctors, trying to numb the pain or wait out the attack (the interval between attacks may be up to several months, but it does not mean that the disease has receded ). Also, about 15% disease in humans for a long time even asymptomatic.

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