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Which is better to choose a mattress ortopedychesky

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Well, again, we get up in the morning with a bad mood, the people say: « on the wrong foot & raquo ;, whether you're sleeping, or not, is unknown. And often think the reason for that is not so, and sleep like, formed early, and bad dreams never dreamed of, and the body has not recovered, headache, back, whining. And it's not just because such symptoms may then lead to various diseases. And the reason for all this bad bed, or rather the mattress. But this problemcompletely solved - mattress.

Scientists, doctors have developed a treatment for sore back, by reducing the load on the spine, which improves blood circulation and support different parts of the case. After all, the ideal mattress closely follows the contours of the body lying man without a gap, and the load onvertebral evenly distributed.

The first orthopedic mattresses were water or air, on such mattresses evenly distributed load on the body. At first they were used in hospitals and medical spas. Today the market offers us two kinds of orthopedic mattresses: latex and spring, having aNGOs in these mattresses, scientists were able to achieve different stiffness zones (a total of seven, each corresponding to different parts of the body weight).

The filler latex mattress is a natural material - latex. Doctors recommend just such mattresses based on the characteristics (Self-ventilated, hygiene, do not cause ALLergii). Furthermore, mattresses are durable, flexible, movable.

Spring mattresses are more popular, mainly due to its price. They consist of spring units or independently from each other or interconnected. Mattress with orthopedic effect most pronounced with independent units.

But the mattress was perfect for you, you have to choose individually to suit your needs for comfort, and after consultation with the doctor (if you have back problems). Only then you will sleep after fresh and rested.

Which mattress to choose:

  • For teenagers and children better to choose a springless mattress;
  • For very small detya important that the mattress is very well ventilated, often, they acquire coconut mattress 3-7 cm;
  • Older children coconut mattress will not work - it is better to buy a "tenacious" mattress that can withstand jumping on it, and others.;
  • Teens better to buy a hard springless mattress from synthetic latex;
  • If you have a sore lower back, then you katigoricheski hard mattress does not fit, it is better to choose something from soft models that are well prominaetsya and support the lower back;
  • But if you have a problem in the upper spine while, converselymouth is better to choose a hard mattress;
  • Hard and semi-hard mattress orthopedic surgeon often recommends that his patients who suffer spinal cord injuries. But if you have no health problems, while sleeping on a board covered with a blanket is not useful, and perhaps even harmful.
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