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What you should know about the treatment of cataracts?

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Cataract – One of the most common ZabOlevanov. It — sentence for each of the third eye of the patient compartment, which is over 50. How to prevent cataract? And what are the methods of getting rid of the disease are the most effective?

Take care of your eyes in his youth . Cataract – is a diagnosis that is most often hear peopleolder. The cause of the disease – clouding of the lens. This is due to age-related changes. Stop this process quite difficult. To do this, you need to care about the state of your eyes on the youth. We all remember the simple rules: read and write only in a well-lit room, hold a book at a distance, asat least 30 cm, take a break every hour while working at the computer. These simple rules will help us not only to maintain visual acuity, but also to prevent the appearance of cataracts.

Only operation . Ophthalmology today considered one of the most progressive medical field. However, it does not guaran-tiruet you that will do without surgery. Drops, exercises, treatments are powerless against cataracts. You save only surgery. However, experience is not necessary. This operation lasts only 15-20 minutes under local anesthesia. The patient feels nothing.

Special lens . The operation is to ensure that the eye surgeon breaks into small particles darkened lens, it removes residues and eyeball introduced a special lens. Thanks to her, you will again see the world in bright colors.

Survey necessarily . Error many patients that they hastenedam self-diagnose yourself and put yourself on record operation. Before carrying out any operation inspection – mandatory procedure. Perhaps the doctor finds a way to give you back vision without surgery.

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