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What is orbitrek

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The modern man is very destructive in terms of impact on own bodies way of life. The type of activity that is most often cultiviruetsya, especially in large cities, throws a person from one extreme to another: it is either worn all day, at breakneck speed in the search for solutions, its tasks, or vice versa sitting, solving them in the office, reducing motor activity actually to a minimum.

And he and the other case is extremely negative impact on abschee condition of the body, because he does not feel those loads that it is really necessary for normal functioning. Of course, to improve the situation need to move more and better exercise regularly, but due to lack of time and a sufficient number of sports grounds to do so sometimes it is very Difficultdnitelno.

However, out of this situation there is no doubt and it consists in the organization of the playground in your home. From the point of view of common sense it may seem meaningless, but it's not that simple. Rather, more than just as a compact simulator orbitrek: actually replaces tsely complex exercise and appropriate sites for them. It got its name because of the particular trajectory of the feet - or an elliptical orbit.

This approach minimizes the stress on the joints and is ideal not only for different age groups, but most importantly, for the rehabilitation in the post-traumatic period in relation to the muscular system and the musculoskeletal system. The main active element orbitrek is the kinetic energy hub - flywheel or flywheel.

It was his accommodation and related construction schemes of devices are a factor kotoing effect on the determination of the kind orbitrek. They are rear-wheel drive (flywheel back of the machine), front-wheel (flywheel is ahead, combined with the steering rack), tsentralnoraspolozhennymi.

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