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What is nephroptosis

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At the moment, a lot of diseases and correctly determine the type and cause - atabout is not so simple, and yet a cure appoint such that it was effective.

Nephroptosis - is one of raspatronennyh urological diseases in medical practice. Nephroptosis considered urological disorders associated with high mobility kidney offset it is usually below the normal position. This problem is most common in women. Kidney of the lumbar region shifts to the abdomen and pelvis. This disease occurs in the case of injury, carrying heavy loads, reduced muscle tone, rapid weight loss. Sometimes sport can lead to stretching ligaments apparatus of the kidney (this applies to a greater extent undergerms). As for adults, they also bring great harm to the exercise.

common cause of Nephroptosis is sudden weight loss, depletion of fat around the kidney. Sometimes after pregnancy and childbirth may appear this problem. For this disease are accompanied by omitting the kidney (posstantly pulls, aches, cuts). Sometimes there are very intense on the type of renal colic. Can last from several minutes to a few hours. It happens that the pain gives to the groin, genitals, may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Nephroptosis entails some complications, such as pyelonephritis. Naveroptoz treated by conservative methods: wearing a bandage corset belt. It is recommended to visit the spa complexes. Often prescribed in the treatment of antispasmodics, analgesics. You also need to limit heavy exercise. Recommend to engage with nephroptosis some exercises supporting gymnastsCoy.

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