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What is amenorrhea

February 19 2015

The life of any person is subject to a certain extent, the basic natural instincts. Perhaps chief among them is the INStinkt procreation, which contributes to the preservation and enhancement of the population. The implementation of this instinct, the implementation of the reproductive function is due to the functioning of the reproductive (sexual) system of the person. Like any other system of the body, reproduction system has the features of functioning as a woman, and atmen, their periods of development. If we take, for example, female reproductive system, its development and usefulness of lifelong determined mechanisms such as menstruation.

This represents a mechanism in the implementation of their female reproductive function, the presence of which suggests the possibility of waspsuschestvleniya process of conception of the fetus, that is, the normal functioning and viability of the reproductive function of women. Of course, as in any other case, with respect to any of the body systems develop exposed reproduction system sorts pathologies including become causes of failure during the menstrual cycle.

One of these pathologies, which is characterized by the absence of menstruation for several successive menstrual cycles is. It is independently developing pathology, the normal state of the body in a certain period (eg during pregnancy), and symptomsome other emerging or current illness. In particular, the development of amenorrhea may indicate the presence of active anatomical, biochemical, genetic, physiological, and mental changes or disturbances in the body.

There is the following classification of amenorrhea:

  • Eastinnaya. Accompanied by a sharp hormonal ovarian function, which is manifested in the underproduction of sexual hormones and hence in the absence of menstruation;
  • False. Characterized by a lack of blood vaginal discharge during normal hormonal background. In this case, discharge accumulate in the vaginaie, the uterus or tubes;
  • Postpartum or lactation. Characterized by the absence of menstruation during breastfeeding (two to three years after birth);
  • Pathological. Isolated primary (absence of menstruation   up to 14-16 years), secondary (absence of menstruation at Prospectotyazhenii three or more cycles under normal circumstances before) and the causal pathology.
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