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What is the axial hernia

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Our body is a fairly complex set of organs and systems, each of which is a small thing that performs its critical FFunctions, so it does still have a certain physiologically normal or correct position. In other words, any of the pathologies as a result of which any body changes its usual location or form, directly affects not only the opportunity and proper performance of its functions, but also has a similar effect on adjacent organss who are in direct tactile contact. One of the most common groups of diseases that affect the shape of the bodies are hernias, ie protrusion of the body in the area of ??responsibility of other organs and systems.

In particular, hernia occurring in the region of the diaphragm, due to the fact that REPAIREDrye of the abdominal organs (or parts thereof) are (bulge) into the chest cavity through the aperture hole. In medical practice, such hiatal hernia is called or hiatal hernia. This pathological effect is made possible by the presence or development of defects in the diaphragm (additionalholes), which shift piece (usually cardiac) gastric chest. Thus, axial hernia, when a shift occurs in which the aperture hole is called a natural moving and passing through in the case of a defective hole - paraezofagialnoy.

It may also appear combined type. Despite the rather frequent occurrence, especially in the female half of humanity, this pathology is by no means some ordinary or harmless phenomenon. As with other types of hernias (spinal, abdominal, inguinal), axial hiatal hernia tends to infringement that may cause extremely undesirableconsequences. The situation is complicated by the fact that the disease is nearly asymptomatic until the infringement. The development of this disease is the result of the weakening of the muscular system of the digestive tract. Such a state develops on the background of injuries, operations, major diseases and the aging process.

Treatment, as well as in other types of hernias may be either conservative (therapeutic) or radical (surgery). The first method involves an integrated approach using drugs, diet and physical activity. In the case of treatment failure and the risk of infringement, conduct prompt elimination of the problem.

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