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Why fleas bite humans and what the consequences of such a bite

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Many pet lovers a single day can not do without their lasci. And the owners of these animals often wonder? Fleas - a wingless insects that transmit different pathogens of humans and animals. These insects possess mouthparts, which is designed for covers and nasasyvaniya blood.

At the moment, thanks to scientists if they-operation measured in 2090 species. Fleas divorced interesting method, they place to lay their eggs are not looking. Born females throw eggs on the head covers or human body. Mature eggs for two weeks. Then, the light appears legless larva, which moves very quickly. It feeds on human blood, where it poselilasb. These faces molt 3 times, and only after that take the shape of a normal creature.

Matured flea can live about 1.5 years (this theory, but really - a couple of months). These animals can be found everywhere. On humans, animals, birds, cloven-hoofed animals, in a word everywhere. Feed on blood. All these animals peredayutsya man from his pet. Human fleas are very small in size in just a millimeter, three pairs of legs, the rear legs for big jumps from one host to another. They are very prolific and can lay 500 eggs at a time. In man, they live a very long time.

Fleas bite a man drink his blood,but even when they bite it can transmit serious and dangerous disease. The most popular of the disease, which can bring a flea is: rat fever, plague, tularemia, Listeria, pseudotuberculosis. Also bites lead to severe festering wounds and may spread under the skin. Bites of great itching, swelling, unbearable pain. They still can not causervoznost shot down to sleep. Symptoms may develop quickly and bite it easy to determine. You will immediately see a red spot with a little swelling, and becomes an allergy that is propagated.

Once bitten right to be treated with an antiseptic, you can even take alcohol or ordinary soap. You can apply a cold compress.Be sure to apply a remedy that relieves pain and itching. Get rid of neither very simply by using a set of actions. Etch the entire apartment and everywhere. A person is also required special equipment that you want to apply a couple of times.

Fleas - it is such a creature, not only do they bite, and the second is very bored. Andto all this, and it is dangerous for everyone, he feels constant discomfort. Immediately after the first appearance of this should immediately be taken to prevent this invasion and his brood.

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