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Trunks Swedish company THULE

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The products are very well-known Swedish company, which produces almost racksfor all makes of cars, demand like no other. By the way, in Moscow there is an official dealer THULE:, which implements the original. Racks made by this company,   have some advantages:

1. Very easy installation.
2. Reliable and high quality.

Afterit is no secret that this company in the market not so long ago, and won a wonderful reputation among motorists. The firm, which produces these products, it is possible to identify each machine easy to use, multi-functional and modern trunk. These racks can carry and handle heavy loads. Building materials in large quantities, differentsports heavy items. This European quality of every motorist will leave satisfied without necessarily the most slightest error. The great advantage of these trunks will be:

- before they reach the customer, they will be especially suitable testing program;
- needs nois either a special knowledge for installation or fixing, it is very easy to understand and simple;
- have a special system of whales, which makes it possible to mount on the roof of any car. But at the same time, provide accurate and close contiguity to the trunk or to the surface;
- turnkey system circuit are all models that warns of mass torage and provides more protection.

Safety and quality are engaged in the most proven service centers. Tested products on the most modern technology. And most importantly, that this test includes the study of corrosion, chemical analysis of the impact of emissions and vibration resistance.Shelf life meets all the requirements of international organizations.

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